Vision and Dream:
The Art of Marja Lee Kruÿt

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"In the Month of March #1"

Magical art and illustration is often divided into two distinct branches. The first is the "heroic" school, rooted in early twentieth-century American illustration (by Pyle, Wyatt, Parrish, etc.) and exemplified today in the works of Michael Whelan, James Gurney, Rick Berry, and Don Maitz. The second branch is the "romantic" school, rooted in Pre–Raphaelite art and early twentieth–century English illustration (by Rackham, Nielsen, Dulac, etc.), exemplified today in the works of Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Thomas Canty, Charles Vess, and Kinuko Y. Craft.

Snowflakes details

Recently, however, artist Charles Vess has identified a distinct third branch in magical art — one that he calls the "visionary" school, rooted in European Symbolist and Visionary art (ranging from Klimt in Vienna and the Macdonald sisters in Scotland to Sulamith Wülfing of Germany) — exemplified today by artists who use mythic symbolism to create intensely personal imagery, such as Susan Seddon Boulet, Mark Wagner, Tabitha Vevers, Erica Swadley, and Helena Nelson–Reed. One of the finest painters in this contemporary "visionary" school is the Dutch artist Marja Lee Kruÿt. We're honored to present the first online exhibition of her delicate, dreamlike, deeply symbolic work.


"Jessie Belle Dream"


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