The Pea Princess

by Colleen Mills

She arches like a bowed branch of willow,

Quivering from stem to leaf.

With each flex of the wrists,

Roll of a shoulder,

Gentle realignment of the ribs,

The lump burrows deeper.

Now beneath the breast plate,

Now between hipbone and pelvis,

Now knotted at the base of the neck,

Clicking between the knobs of the spinal column

Where the vertebrae, like the panels of a washboard, find the lump,

As it rickets over the thinly sheathed bones with each shift in motion.

Whether between knucklebones or toe bones,

Nestled in the many small joints and junctures of the body,

It journeys like a pebble smoothed over in a sea of feathers,

Pressing against the inside of the knee cap,

Working its way up the thigh,

Wandering the flesh land of the belly.

Each night the same rotation

As she arches, curves, twines her body about the bedposts,

Weaved like a tight shoe lace between the pillars of the bed,

Spiraling between the sheets

Trying to find the one place

Such a lump will fit beneath her frame.

With each stretch,

Each extension or contortion of a limb,

The minutest of lumps,

Buried beneath bedding twenty upon twenty layers high,

Burrows still deeper, pressing into the skin of thinly padded skeletal extensions

As it grates to a final rest against the gentle hollow above the collarbone.

Like the smoothed sand in the mouth of an oyster,

The tenderest of peas seeks shelter

In only the softest concaves of flesh,

Where the pea, like the pearl,

Proves perfection

By defining the flaw.

About the Author:
Colleen Mills works with high-school-age children as a counselor and a teacher of English. Much of her work is influenced by the symbolism and imagery of myth and folklore, as well as by her research in the area of multicultural literature. This poem was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, "The Princess and the Pea."

Copyright © 2003 by Colleen Mills. This poem may be not be reproduced in any form without the authorís express written permission.

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